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Innovation: Innovation is critical for keeping enterprises vital and competitive. It means running businesses innovatively with new thinking, new ideas and new actions against stale conventions. For this purpose, an enterprise must always keep up with the times and dare to explore, but shall neither merely follow outmoded conventions nor be satisfied with things as they are. With the development of an enterprise and increase of market demands, it is necessary to constantly develop new fields, new projects, new technologies and new market.

Practicality: Practicality is essential for behavioral awareness of an enterprise. It means corporate decision-making, employees’ behaviors and institutional practices shall be practical enough. Meanwhile, corporate operations and management shall be highly practical. In other words, everything must be based on practices. Do remember not to just deliver empty talks of “pursuing truths, being practical and taking actions”. Instead, words shall be put into actions.

Integrity: Integrity is fundamental for survival and development of an enterprise. An enterprise shall act in good faith all the time. It shall be faithful to its customers, other enterprises, the society and its employees.

Harmony: Harmonious and united work atmosphere shall be created inside an enterprise to facilitate collaborative and reciprocal win-win cooperation in good faith, in order to make due contributions to the formation of harmonious teams, harmonious cooperation and a harmonious society.